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6 10 favorite luhan hairstyles - requested by anonymous

Godfrey Gao for Men’s Uno - May 2014

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youve never experienced true heartbreak until you watch episode 2 of shut up flower boy band

"I definitely saw it! Those chocolate abs, like in dramas! Let me look at it again!!”

Artist: UnknownInfinite
Title: UnknownBack
Album: UnknownBe Back

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Long exposures photos of “Japan cherry blossoms” by Arixxx

We often see photos of the fascinating and busy city life of Tokyo, however, sometimes it is good to slow down and show other parts of Japan. Photographer Arixxx focuses on taking pictures of nature and nighttime scenes in Hitachi.

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Artist: Unknown吴亦凡
Title: Unknown时间煮雨
Album: Unknown时间煮雨(电影《小时代3》片尾曲)


Yifan’s song is out! DL

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